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96-Channel Isolated Digital I/O 3U VPX Board

PDF print version of this specification

The 96-Channel Digital Input / Output (I/O) Board provides up to 96 opto-isolated digital input and output channels with internal output status feedback on a single 3U VPX board.

All 96 digital channels may be configured at build time as either digital inputs, digital outputs, internal output status feedbacks or as a combination of all three. The high current digital output channels can sink up to 600 mA. A Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and a PCI to PCIe bridge are used to provide access to the digital data over the PCIe bus.

I/O channel isolation voltage is 2 500 V RMS with 500 V RMS isolation voltage across the VPX backplane connectors.

Block Diagram of DIO VPX Board
Photograph of DIO VPX Board
Block Diagram Photograph
96-Channel Isolated Digital I/O 3U VPX Board


A FPGA is used to control the output channels and read the input channels as well as providing the PCI interface to the PCIe bridge. LED optocouplers on all inputs and outputs provide 2 500 V RMS isolation and the outputs are driven by high-current optical coupled MOSFETs.


  • I/O channel to system voltage isolation
  • high number of digital inputs and digital outputs
  • high output sink current (up to 600 mA)
  • board identification switch
  • programmable inputs and outputs
  • Commercial, Industrial and Ruggedised grades
VPX Conformance

  • VPX (VITA 46)
  • OpenVPX™ (VITA 65)
  • Slot Type : Peripheral Slot SLT-PER-1F-14.3.2
  • Compatible with Backplane Profile : BKP3-CEN03-15.2.9-3

Formfactor and Bus Interface ANSI/VITA 46.0-2007 (R1.2, April 2008), VPX Base Standard
ANSI/VITA 46.4-2012, PCI Express on VPX Fabric Connector
PCI Express Base 1.0a compliant (1 lane, 2,5 GHz)
Digital Outputs up to 96 Channels Optically-Isolated Open Collector Darlington Transistor
Digital Inputs up to 96 Channels Optically-Isolated DC
Status Feedbacks up to 48 Channels
Standard Build 32 x Digital Input Channels
32 x Digital Output Channels
32 x Outpuit Status Feedback Channels
Build Options

Option Criteria

Various combinations of Input, Output and Feedback Channels are available as Build Options.

Maximum Total = 96 x Digital Outputs, Digital Inputs and Status Feedbacks in Groups of 8 x Digital Outputs, Digital Inputs and Status Feedbacks.

Voltage Isolation 2 500 V RMS (on I/O channels)
   500 V RMS (on VPX backplane connectors)
Power 3,3 V DC at 0,3 A (1 Watt); 5 V DC at 0,5 A (2,5 Watt)
Input Resistance 320 Ohm +/- 5%
MTBF Figures according to MIL-HDBK-217F, Parts Stress Method
Commercial and Industrial Grades Ground Benign, Controlled, 25 C 1 800 000 hours
Ruggedised Grade Ground, Mobile, 45 C
Naval, Sheltered, 40 C
Airborne, Inhabited Cargo, 55 C
1 400 000 hours
1 200 000 hours
1 000 000 hours
Software Drivers Support for Linux.
VxWorks, Windows and others are costed options.

Physical Characteristics
Cooling Type Air-Cooled Conduction-Cooled
Dimensions 100,0 mm x 160,0 mm 100,0 mm x 160,0 mm
Mass 300,0 g +/- 10,0 g 350,0 g +/- 10,0 g
Environmental Specifications
Grade Commercial Industrial Ruggedised
- Operating
- Storage
0 C to +55 C
-40 C to +85 C
-20 C to +75 C
-40 C to +85 C
-40 C to + 85 C
-55 C to +125 C
Humidity 0% - 90% 0% - 95% 0% - 95%
Shock 10 g peak for 11 ms 20 g peak for 11 ms 40 g peak for 11 ms
- Sine
- Random

2 g (peak) at 10 Hz to 100 Hz
0,04 g/Hz at 15 Hz to 2 kHz

5 g (peak) at 5 Hz to 2 kHz
0,06 g/Hz at 15 Hz to 2 kHz

10 g (peak) at 5 Hz to 2 kHz
0,1 g/Hz at 15 Hz to 2 kHz
Designation Cooling Connector Grade
CCII/DIO/3UVPX/96C2/(BP‑FP)/COM Air Front Panel and/or Backplane Commercial
CCII/DIO/3UVPX/96C2/(BP‑FP)/IND Air Front Panel and/or Backplane Industrial
CCII/DIO/3UVPX/96C2/(BP‑FP)/RGD Air Front Panel and/or Backplane Ruggedised
CCII/DIO/3UVPX/96C2/BP/CC Conduction Backplane Ruggedised

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